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13 Tips For Damage-Free Apartment Decorating

In an apartment, it can be tough to decorate without losing your damage deposit in the process. Fear not - there are still ways to personalize your living area without wrecking the walls or floors. Transform your rented space into a home by using these tips to personalize your apartment without forfeiting your security deposit:

Create a Flower Wall with Washi Tape

flower wall washi tape in a boho bedroom

📷 Viktoria Dahlberg

Fake flowers are inexpensive, and so is the tape used to secure them. This DIY method will make white walls look like a floral masterpiece. Washi tape is a safe way to attach lightweight objects to your walls without stripping the paint underneath.

Invest in Command Strips or Hooks.

These tough adhesives allow you to hang pictures and portraits without making holes in the walls. It will save you from patching the damage that results from nails. Check the weight restrictions on the product label to check if your decoration can be hung by these adhesives.

Buy an Area Rug

Grey tribal area rug with leather sofa and round coffee table

📷 Ruggable

Leave those walls alone, and turn your attention to the floors. Rugs can be a great way to divide a room or add interest to a plain space. They can be an eye-catching centerpiece or complementary addition to any room. Better yet, they can cover any stains or imperfections on the floor from previous tenants. We recommend rugs from Ruggable as they are machine-washable and easy to swap out when you want to try a new look!

Paint the Walls

Pink ceiling bedroom with dashed wallpaper and cactus plants

📷 Ashley Rose

As long as your landlord is permitting, you can apply a new coat of paint to your ordinary walls. Selecting the right colour is important; look at 2020 paint trends to pick a shade that is current and trendy. The colour of your walls affects the overall impression that your apartment emits - blue walls can create a calming atmosphere, while red ones inspire energy and action. If your lease forbids you from painting the walls, see the next suggestion.

Apply (temporary) Wallpaper

Yellow sofa with white speckled wallpaper and striped flooring

📷 Katie Woods

Change the look of your plain white walls without using paint by buying temporary wallpaper. It’s a bit of a hassle to put up, but couldn’t be easier to remove - simply peel the corner to take it down. Wallpapering is a dramatic way to transform your space. They come in all varieties of colours and designs, so you can find a pattern that speaks to your interests.

Lean Decorations Against the Wall

Arched mirror leaning on a wall

📷 Heena

No screws, no nails - no problem. Rather than putting holes in your walls, simply lean items against them to display decorations. Full-length mirrors, portraits, and signs can be leaned up against walls to add personal flair without inflicting damage.

Buy New Curtains

natural living room with white sheer curtains

📷 Kasia Bedzinska

Fresh fabric will add liveliness to your windows - or, you can use curtains to act as room dividers. Sheer fabric allows light to enter a room, while textured linens will make a bold statement. You can suspend them using tension rods, which won’t damage the walls as screws and nails do.

Purchase Vinyl Decals

Wall stickers may conjure up images of children’s rooms, but this doesn’t have to be the case - there are sophisticated decals that will add a personal touch to your rented living space. From flowers to lace, vinyl decals are offered in a variety of styles, so you can find a design that matches your other decorations.

Display Art Using an Easel

Portraits don’t have to be hung by a nail - they can be tastefully showcased on an artist’s easel. It’s a rustic look that shows off decorations without giving up your security deposit.

Add a Folding Screen

Create a new corner by separating your space with room dividers. Folding screens come in many designs and colours, so you can select a subtle wooden screen or an eye-catching print.

Soften Your Space with String Lights

📷 Tatiana, Hanna

You don’t have to change lighting fixtures to alter the luminosity of your living space. Warm, glowing light will create a cozy, homey vibe in your apartment.

Purchase Throw Pillows and Blankets

open bright living room with throw blankets and pillows

📷 zosiamamet

Not only are they comfortable, but they’re stylish, too. Pillows and blankets can be great accent pieces in a living room or bedroom.

Buy Fake Plants

artificial plants with blue sofa from target

📷 Target