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  • Hana Sethi

3 Steps for a Cozy Backyard Patio

This summer we really invested our time and money in our backyard, like a lot of families during COVID. After we got the patio stones completed, and the play structure done, I wanted to create a cozy, backyard patio area.

1. Create a conversation area grounded around a coffee table

Having a coffee table creates a focus for your guest to sit around. This also makes it easy for entertaining and having snacks

2. Plants, plants, and more plants

Even though you’re outdoors, it’s really nice to use plants to bring life to the area. Here I used a variety of different plants including hibiscus, snake plant, peace Lily, succulents

3. Use lots of different textiles to create depth

At first, I wasn’t a fan of an outdoor rug. But then I saw what a difference it made to the space. You can also use blankets and throw pillows to bring that warmth in!

This article was written by Hana Sethi from Hana's Happy Home.

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Hana is a marketing professional that has always been crafting, building, or designing. She learned how to build, cut, and create from her dad - a true DIY-er.

Hana started her blog to help people learn and see that anyone can build and create beautiful things with their hands!

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