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6 Affordable Ways to Fill a Large Blank Wall

Large blank walls call for giant pieces of art. Nothing looks odder than seeing a small frame sitting alone on a big empty wall. That might have been your temporary solution in the past because we often believe that filling big empty wall space comes with an even bigger price tag. However, there are many creative and cheap ways to cover walls! We rounded up a list of six different ways to fill up a large blank wall on a little budget.

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If the idea of hanging up a gallery wall of frames sounds intimidating, a large floating shelf across the majority of the wall or a bunch of small ones spread out can make displaying artwork a much simpler process. Not only do floating shelves add storage space for decorative items, but they also present the opportunity to easily switch out art and objects as you please. This is an extremely simple, but effective way to decorate a large wall in the living room or a large blank wall behind the couch and other furnishings.

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Mirrors are a great option to fill empty wall space because they are fairly easy to hang up and can double as mirrors and decorative pieces, especially if you paint or write quotes and such on them. Similar to a gallery style art wall, a mass of mirrors offer the same artistic value to a large blank wall. To save money, you can gather a bunch of old mirrors or ones found at thrift stores or discount stores and create a unique wall of decorative mirrors. A big bonus of this blank wall idea is that mirrors make a space look larger and brighter!

A bedroom with a cozy bed and three frames above it with green palm leaves wallpaper.

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Framed Wallpaper or Wrapping Paper

We love a good gallery wall, but printing large images can become costly and figuring out what goes well together can be a hassle for some. Wallpaper is helpful in quickly decorating an entire wall, but to do so can get expensive. If you are looking to hang up large pieces of art without breaking the bank, try cutting out samples of wallpaper or your favorite wrapping paper from your local craft stores and discount stores and framing them. For an affordable price, you can fill empty wall space with multiple designs without anyone knowing it only cost you a few dollars!

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One of our favorite creative blank wall ideas and cheap ways to cover walls is with paint. However, a can of paint can do more than just fill your walls with a solid color. Buying sample cans of paint is affordable and also all you need to create unique designs on your wall that will get everyone talking! This is visually more interesting than painting your walls a single color and saves you money because you will not have to buy gallons of paint to fill a wall.

A bedroom design with a DIY colorful fabric curtain wall hanging behind the bed and nightstands.



This blank wall idea will really make your room stand out and the best part is, it is budget-friendly! Gather various pieces of leftover fabric you have lying around the house and recycle them to create this layered curtain wall design. You can buy more fabric for reasonable prices at your local stores and maybe even find the perfect ones for you in the clearance section! Hang them up with a curtain rod, hidden behind optional moulding, and freely cut some pieces of fabric to add more layers and fun to your fabric wall.

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The best way to save money is to make the most of what you already have. If you are faced with a large blank wall, place your furniture in front of it. Placing a couch, bed, or dining chairs in front of a blank wall already helps you fill at least half of the wall space for no extra cost. Now, all that is left is to decorate the top half of the walls with any of the budget-friendly options we mentioned.

Now that you have acquired more ways to decorate your wall space for an affordable price, you can test out a few ideas with our free DecorMatters app, which allows you to design your actual home through our app!

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