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Creative Closet Ideas for Bedrooms Without Them

You have found the perfect place that checks off nearly all your boxes of must-haves in your future home, but there is no closet. It may seem like an annoyance to not have a built-in closet, but it actually presents a creative opportunity to design your own storage while also decorating your space in unique ways. Check out our creative closet ideas for bedrooms without them and visualize your closet-less bedroom in new ways!

White interior design bedroom with makeshift closet ideas, including a white dresser and a clothes rack


Wardrobe or Dresser

One of the more obvious and simple solutions to creating closet space where there is none is to purchase a wardrobe or dresser. The benefits of having a dresser is that it not only provides storage space for your clothes, but the top also opens up space for a mirror, decor, plants, jewelry holders, and other accessories. A wardrobe or dresser also gives you the option to hide your clothes with wood dressers or show them off with glass front dressers. Since they can be found in most bedrooms that already have closets as well, a wardrobe a dresser blends in well with bedroom decor and makes it less obvious that this is your makeshift closet.

A clothes rack with dresses, jackets, shirts, shoes, handbag, and flowers in front of a diy flower wall


Clothes Rack

Clothes racks are inexpensive closet alternatives, whether you make one yourself or buy one. It allows you to organize and store your clothes in a stylish way and turn your makeshift closet ideas into a beautiful display or statement piece in your room. You can hang your most worn pieces and bulky outerwear that takes up crucial dresser space or color coordinate some of your favorite pieces. Clothes racks are a fun option to store clothes without a closet or dresser because they are easily customizable to your preference. You can add shelves for more storage space or to display shoes, accessories, handbags, and more.

A tree branch makeshift hanging closet with a storage bench underneath and a seating area in front


Hanging Clothes Rack

Want to hang your clothes, but want something unique and takes up less floor space? A hanging clothes rack is your solution to building a closet in a room with no closet. You can create a hanging clothes rack with inexpensive hardware and build your own closet in any area of your room. The options for creativity are endless and you can go about this in so many different ways to match the interior design style of your room. A chain or pipe fits well with the industrial look whereas a tree branch may work better with the rustic or farmhouse look. Not only does a unique hanging clothes rack easily offer a significant amount of closet space, but it also turns your closet into a work of art in your bedroom. The open floor space below helps maintain a clutter free look and provides space for more storage, such as a bench, baskets, or a shoe rack!

A glam home decor closet with mirrored shelves holding shoes, handbags, accessories, and home decor as a makeshift closet



Shelves are one of the easiest open closet ideas for a small space because they are typically easy to shop for, affordable, and quick to install. Wood, mirrored, or colorfully painted shelves guarantee automatic closet space on any open wall you have. You can get creative and style your shoes, pants, or accessories nicely so that your shelf wall becomes wall decor! The best thing about using shelves as your makeshift closet is that you can arrange them in various levels and designs to your preference, including adding a couple shelves above dressers, desks, and other areas that lack storage. Additionally, open shelving does not close off a space as much as a tall wardrobe or dresser would.

A small corner seating area with decorative pillows next to an over the door hanging rack filled with shoes


Functional Furniture

A bench, trunk, or ottoman adds a decorative touch to your room, but it also adds a lot of storage. They are great places to keep or conceal your out-of-season clothes, shoes, scarves, and more. A ladder is another decorative element that can contribute to your creative closet ideas to hold extra accessories. You can even add hooks to the ladder to add more hanging storage options. An over the door hanger is perfect for smaller spaces because it can hang behind any sized door and provide a lot of additional storage space, especially for shoes!

A makeshift closet with a shelf, hanging pipe, and two dressers for storage


The great thing about not having a closet is that you can essentially build and customize your ideal closet. Combining a few or all of these ideas to create what works for you and your closet needs will make you forget that you never had a closet to begin with! Our free DecorMatters app is a helpful first step to designing your dream closet space to test out multiple storage designs and bedroom placements.

An image of clothing hung up with wooden hangers behind text that reads Create Your Closet, Design Now.

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