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  • Lindsey Manning

Decorating on a Budget: Halloween Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Decorating for Halloween is probably the only season that all the normal “decorating rules” are thrown out the window. It’s the only season you can decorate in bright purple, neon greens, and random other colors. Let’s just say my kids run wild with this season.

I won’t go into how to decorate a mantel for Halloween since I’ve already rounded a post up on how to do that. There are a few simple rules that you can follow for a foolproof lovely mantel.

I’ve recently found a bunch of fun goodies from the Target Dollar Spot. I believe it’s called the Bullseye playground now. I’m no stranger to decorating around the house with goodies I’ve bought from there.

I’m a firm believer that decorating for any season doesn’t need to be expensive. As a matter of fact, the few pieces of decor I purchased from Target cost under $25. Paired with old Halloween decor, I had plenty to use to decorate my Halloween mantel.

Halloween Mantel Decor from the Target Dollar Spot

Target even had that green garland! Other than the two pumpkins, everything else was purchased at There.

You can learn how I built this raised electric fireplace mantel on my blog!

Add simple touches of fall around your home to bring warmth and make things cozier.

Of course, I couldn’t get away with a Halloween post without sharing some black and white pictures.

Thrifty Halloween Decorating Tips

The Dollar Tree has fantastic seasonal decor and each item is ONLY $1. Every Halloween season we take a trip to the dollar store and tell each kid (I’ve got two) they can pick out 10 Halloween decorations each! You would think we gave them each a thousand dollars they are so happy. At the end of our trip, we’ve only spent $20! Tip: If you don’t want to add literal Halloween decorations, you can bring in touches of fall with things like the amber vases I have on the mantel and the yellow faux flowers.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to decorate your mantel for the Halloween season.


This article was written by Lindsey Manning from Repurpose and Upcycle.

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Lindsey is a person with a strong desire to create! Her blog started out from a need for a creative outlet during her time as a stay-at-home mom.

She believes that a home can be furnished, decorated, and updated on a budget. It just takes time, creativity, and the willingness to try and mess up.

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