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  • Courtney Davey

Easy Decorating Tips for Updating Your Bedroom on a Budget

For a lot of us, decorating can be overwhelming. Just the thought of updating a room sounds like too much work, time, and money…And where do you start? Let me help you! Below I’ve summed up 3 simple decorating tips that can change up your bedroom on a budget. See for yourself how just rearranging the wall decor, swapping the pillows, and changing the lighting can make a huge difference.

Rearrange Wall Decor

Don’t be afraid to move around wall decor! Sometimes a little adjusting can make the world of difference. Originally I had these 4 botanical prints stacked on each side of the bed. I liked them there but thought it would be fun to switch them up by lining them above the bed. It only took me 10 minutes to hang them and I easily covered the previous nail holes with spackle and paint. Just rearranging the wall decor made the space feel so different, don’t you think?

Change Up Pillows

Go to Home Goods and pick out some fun pillows! It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your other ones, just change them up for a season. I came across these teal pillows and thought they’d be perfect for summer. They were only $16.99 each so I didn’t break the bank either. Sometimes just adding some color or pattern can make the room come alive.

Update Lighting

Try a new lamp. You can either pick one out to match the pillows or move one from another room. I often move my lamps around the house just to change things up. I found this glass lamp at Home Goods and loved how it pulled together with the pillows.

For more pictures of the original room design, you can check out the final reveal here or on Style me Pretty.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Just in case these easy decorating tips have you thinking of updating your space, you can shop the looks at the beginning of the post. And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for more home decor inspiration!

This article was written by Courtney Davey from Tuft & Trim.

Meet the Author

Courtney believes that your home should be a place that expresses your taste, personality, and lifestyle. Her favorite designs have a combination of both fashion and function, formal and casual, and a rustic charm mixed with romantic French elements.

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