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  • Lisa

Easy DIY: Fall Wreath Tutorial

Hello friends! We have been busy working on our new house in Tampa and today I’m so excited to finally give you a sneak peek of the newly painted front porch - all decked out for Fall.

I am keeping the decor on this porch simple - mostly because we are still doing work here and I don’t want to have the decorations get in the way of the workers who are coming in and out. I added a new rug, a few pumpkins, and made a simple wreath.

This wreath was so easy to put together so I thought I would share it with you!


I am using a grapevine wreath that I had on hand and added faux greenery: ferns, eucalyptus, dried grasses, yellow/red flowers. All of these are from Michaels. (You can even purchase a grapevine wreath there as well!) You will also want to grab wire and wire cutters.

Note: I used fabric covered wire - which is a bit sturdier than regular wire.

Step One:

  • Lay everything out and begin to cut the stems (using your wire cutters) so that they can be tucked into the wreath. I left about 4” -5” of length on my stems.

  • Begin to tuck the stems into the wreath. I started with the greenery and then added the flowers. I used faux ferns and eucalyptus as greenery.

  • Keep working your way around the wreath.

  • I did two sections: the first section with stems going upwards and the second section with stems going downwards, both focused on keeping stems to the right side of the wreath.

  • Begin to tuck floral stems into the greenery that you’ve already added.

  • Use your wire cutters and cut wire pieces 8” - 10” long. (I used three pieces)

  • Then secure stems in place with wire - going around the wreath. I tried to go behind the flowers/greenery so the wire doesn’t show but you really don’t have to worry about that because it won’t be obvious.

Do you notice how I tied the wire in the back of the stems? That way you really don’t see the wire from the front of the wreath. Enjoy your beautiful new wreath!

Here are a few pictures of the wreath styled on my new porch!

Okay, so right when I was about to publish this post, my hubby told me I had to move the decor! I guess the workers needed to use the front door so I brought everything to our Clearwater, FL Airbnb where we’re staying now. Can you tell that I’m a bit anxious to get this new house decorated?

Thanks for stopping by, friends! I hope you’re enjoying the Fall season - wherever you live!


This article was written by Lisa from Cottage Style

Meet The Author

This is Lisa. She enjoys seeing transformations- in people (first and foremost) and in things that are discarded (like furniture and homes). Her passion is seeing the forgotten and neglected come to life!

She hopes to inspire you with what she's learned (and is continuing to learn) about decorating as she highlights the projects in her home and Airbnb properties.

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