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How to Choose the Perfect AR Interior Design App

If you’re an interior design enthusiast or a tech-savvy person, you’ve probably heard the news that Autodesk Homestyler products discontinued in early 2017. You may want to search for some other alternatives to complete your design and decorating, but what is the ultimate choice to choose from hundreds of interior design apps? How would you know which app is the perfect one for you?

DecorMatters understands your concern and hopes to provide you with some of the most unique and strongest key features we developed that attracts millions of users. Most importantly, besides being a free app, all the in-app services are free!

1. ARKit

With the update of iOS11 in 2017, Apple has introduced ARKit, a new framework that allows you to easily create augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad. By blending digital objects and information with the environment around you, ARKit takes apps beyond the screen, freeing them to interact with the real world in entirely new ways. In DecorMatters app, you can measure the sizes by ruler and capture picture of your room by camera at the same time, then put the furniture into it to see if the sizes and styles match.

2. Inspiration

Having trouble coming up with new ideas and designs? Don’t worry, in DecorMatters app, our professional interior designers upload real designs every week for your inspirations. With the seasons change, they would implement new seasonal items in their designs, whether you like traditional or contemporary styles, you could find many of them in inspirations page. Click on heart to save the idea, thumbs up to like it, and comment to leave a positive feedback to support your favorite designers! Besides, users could find out the furnitures our designers use by browsing “designer picks” everyday.

3. Real Project

Besides using our templates or your camera photos to create your own design, by using the chat box in DecorMatters app, you can ask our interior designers any questions and problems when decorating your house, from idea suggestions to furniture recommendations. Hundreds of users have finished a whole redecoration project by utilizing our free service, you could give it a try. We would send you information about our new release, features, partners, and coupons. Your feedback is our motivation to improve, by learning from what users truly need and want, we create more magics to give you a superior user experience.

4. Local Store

We all have struggled finding local furniture stores, besides IKEA, there’re actually more options! By cooperating with local partners, we provide DecorMatters app users top of the stylish furniture stores, with their selective items and exclusive discounts. After saving your items, our app finds out the stores near you and directs you to them immediately through Google map. What’s better is that by clicking the brands, you would be surprised by all discounts we offer! Here are some of our important partners: All World Furniture, Brass & Burl, MPTV, PIPA Fine arts etc.

5. Social

This coming up profile feature allows our valuable users to build their own designing profile to share their creations and interact with each other! By creating your bio and publishing your designs, you would be joining the great in-app interior design community, with millions of users worldwide. For more information about our app, visit DecorMatters on the App Store or the DecorMatters web version to start designing and decorating! Oh and don’t forget to shop your favorite furniture or accessories!

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