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How to Decorate a Small Bedroom: Essential Space-Saving Hacks For You

Box rooms, bedsits, and itty-bitty spaces are notoriously hard to decorate and keep clear, but with our ever-increasing population, they’re becoming more and more commonplace. To help you make the most of your minuscule space, fit in your bed frame, and have some storage space, we’ve gathered some info for you:

  • What are the best ways to save space in your home?

  • What are some space-saving hacks for bedrooms?

  • More weird and wonderful space-saving tips

📷 The White Honey Home

Small bedrooms don’t have to result in chaos, clutter, and clothes everywhere. So, let’s spruce up your space with these easy tricks…

What are the best ways to save space in your home?

Spacious homes come at a premium these days, and everyone wants in. We want light, airy rooms with clean lines and space for all our things, but it doesn’t always work out like that. So, we have to be crafty and clever in the way we decorate and use the room we have. Here are a few useful tips on saving and creating the illusion of space:

Make use of mirrors

This is probably the oldest trick in the book. You’ll find that placing a mirror opposite or near a window will reflect more light to shadowed places. This brightens the room, making it feel bigger.

📷 Molly Madfis

Mirrors can be used to resize the outdoor space too. Position one in your living room so you can see the garden – this creates the illusion that your room is bigger and brighter.

📷 Monica Awe-Etuk

Or you could always go with the classic mirror wall – they’re great at reflecting a range of spaces. But be careful, if you have a cluttered room you may end up seeing more mess and the room will feel smaller.

Multi-use furniture

📷 Lauren Bumgardner

You can find many innovative storage solutions in furniture shops these days. So, look for coffee tables that double up as a blanket or pillow store. Purchase wardrobes with hooks on the inside door and ottoman beds (more on those later). Or choose a sofa which turns into a bed for guests.

Shelves and stands are your friends

📷 Laura Sandoval

If you’re stuck for cupboard space, you can find loads of storage savers like racks that give you extra shelves and keep your plates organized.

📷 Laura Wo

Floating shelves are excellent too. You’re not confined to a structure that needs to floor, and you can place them as high or low as you like.

There’s one key thing you can do to give yourself more space though, and that’s decluttering. This doesn’t always mean throwing things away – sometimes it means placing things in storage boxes and keeping surfaces clear. But you should regularly check use-by dates on items, donate unneeded things and just tidy up after yourself. As the inimitable Marie Kondo says,

“Tidy your space, transform your life.”

What are some space-saving hacks for bedrooms?

📷 Hanna

The main thing a bedroom needs is a bed. So, when you have a small bedroom with limited space, you need to choose the right, smart frame. We’ve mentioned these already but we think ottoman bed frames are the ideal choice for the space-challenged.

📷 Dreams

In addition to being convenient with their cool hydraulic lifting mechanism and mountains of storage underneath, they’re totally stylish too. They can be super swish and affordable, so don’t think you have to sacrifice style for substance. What’s more, they often look like classic divan beds, so your things are kept hidden and safe too.

More weird and wonderful space-saving hacks for bedrooms

You’ll be able to find hundreds of other ideas for bedroom space-saving, but here’s a breakdown of our fave ideas:

📷 John Lewis & Partners

For the fashion-lovers out there with more clothes than space, consider investing in some space-saving hangers, which allow you to hang four items from one hook - helping you use all the room in your wardrobe from top to bottom.

📷 Viktoria Dahlberg