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  • David and Mark

How to Give a Space a Longer Shelf Life

As we truck on with making our new pad as swanky as possible, there was one update that we couldn’t wait to get done. No, not the blinds and curtains which we are still desperately on the search for but shelves. You see, we have quite a lot of decorative stuff. From artwork and prints to vases, trinkets, and candles. Before moving we did that classic thing of stuffing it all away in boxes and bags and forgetting all about it. Now we’ve moved, we’ve unpacked everything and realized that we have absolutely nowhere to display things.

In the interim between moving in and finally getting some shelves up we basically stacked everything we could up in the best way possible using some random freestanding shelves we had. The outcome? A glorified squatters' paradise….

Now though? Well, see for yourself…

Much better! We called on TaskRabbit to help us with this task. We are not seasoned DIYers, you see, so we wanted to get someone in who had knowledge of how to use an electric drill. Enter, Nathaniel, our handy handyman. If it wasn’t for Nathaniel, you’d be seeing a wall of holes right now and two weeping bloggers.

The shelves are the LACK floating shelves from Ikea and the future aim is to actually paint this whole wall. We’re thinking a really deep blue but watch this space.

What a difference a few shelves make, eh!


This article was written by David & Mark from Forward Features

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