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Interior Design Hack: 6 Ways to Add Color Without Painting

Put down your paintbrush because it’s time to pick up your creativity! Painting may seem like the fastest and most convenient way to add color to a room, but the process can be time-consuming, expensive, and messy. Painting also leaves you with the trouble of completely redoing the process again if you aren’t happy with the results the first time. Fortunately, there are plenty of interior design hacks to bring in color without using a single drop of paint.

Bedroom with all white walls and curtains, floral bedding, large floral tapestry, and house plants

Hang up a wall decoration

One hassle-free way to fill a significant amount of space on a wall and add color without painting is to hang up one large wall decoration. This can include a nice tapestry and a large colorful painting or art piece. With the quick hammer of a nail, this interior design hack only takes a couple of minutes to transform a room without painting it. For hanging lighter wall decorations, an alternative to nails is to use Command Hooks because of their simple application and removal process that leave your walls undamaged.

Colorful home decor bedroom with white bed frame, diy flower wall, and green dresser with gold crown dresser knobs

Plant some nature into your space

Naturally, plants and flowers add a charming design element to a space and with the wide range of floral and plant options, they can provide a variety of colors you can incorporate into a room without painting it. This interior design hack can be a fun and spontaneous choice because it is easily interchangeable as quickly as the seasons change. The bold colors of flowers and the luscious greenery of plants can undoubtedly add pops of colors into any space and stand out further in fairly neutral spaces. If keeping flowers and plants alive aren’t your strong suit, faux plants are a great low-maintenance option to keep your space vibrant all year long.

Colorful home decor kids room with colorful wallpaper design, paper storage baskets, and ladder with decor

Wallpaper and wall decals

Wallpapers are a popular interior design hack to add color to a room without painting it and the best part is, you aren’t left to deal with paint fumes or hours of drying time afterward! More or less, carefully applying wallpaper may be as tedious as successfully applying painter’s tape in a room, but wallpaper is temporary and doesn’t require touch-ups like painting a room would. If you ever get bored or want to change up your space, simply peel off the wallpaper and you’ll happily find that your walls remain in great condition. It’s the best way to commit to a color or pattern without the lengthy process of repainting if you change your mind later on. Additionally, wall decals are an excellent choice to add color without painting because it’s simple to apply and remove. The decals are designed to stick to the surface of your wall and intended to be a painless decorating process.

Home office design with colorful accent wall of art prints and post-its next to large silver floor lamp

Create an art wall

Creating an accent wall made up of different pieces of art is an enjoyable process to add color without painting. This interior design hack allows your creativity to shine and make its own rules. You can add color by mixing different colored art prints or you can emphasize the pop of color with colored frames. It’s also a fun way to personalize your space because you can hang up your own art or pieces you feel represent you and your style best. An art wall isn’t limited to art prints, however, it can be customized with motivational quotes and items such as small mirrors or macramé wall hanging pieces.

Bright colorful home decor in a bedroom with patterned bedsheets, house plants, and yellow, pink, and blue accessories

Colorful furniture and accents

If you want to add color to a space without painting or decorating your walls, there are ways to make the rest of the room stand out against simpler walls. An interior design hack is to assign anything else in the room to be an attention grabber and liven up your space aside from your walls. Whether you invest in a colorful couch, rug, or set of dining chairs or find colorful pillows, throws, furniture, or little accents at your local flea market and favorite home decor stores, there are endless ways to bring in color away from your walls.

Light gray living room with large open shelving wall behind L-shaped gray sofa

Open shelving

Open shelves, especially in kitchens, have become a popular interior design trend in 2019 because it opens up a space and is the ideal opportunity to add color without painting while also being functional. You can simply install colorful shelving to incorporate color into a room or you can install neutral colored shelves and add color through little trinkets, accent pieces, and plants or floral arrangements placed on the shelves.

These interior design hacks are helpful ways to step away from the standard of immediately turning to paint to bring color into a space. With so many intriguing options, there’s no limit to how you want to incorporate one or all six of these interior design hacks! Not sure how everything will turn out altogether? The free DecorMatters app helps you move pieces around to envision how your ideas of adding color without painting can all be beautifully bunched together.

An image of a bedroom with a white metal bed frame, green dresser with crown shaped knobs, and a diy flower wall behind text that reads Color Your Home, Design Now.

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