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Interior Design Tips: 7 Best Entryway Ideas

Whether the entryway is a part of a grand house or a tiny nook by the door, stepping into your home should be an experience. It is the first thing people see when they enter your home and what welcomes you home every day. So, if you are not excited and inspired when you walk through your door, then it is time to open the door to a newly decorated space with some of our best entryway ideas!

An entryway with white and black clustered dots wallpaper and black hexagon tile flooring with a white bench with pillows.

📷 Mackenzie Craven

An entryway with black and white stairs and a wall with wallpaper that has half black circles all over and a bench with a basket under.

📷 Meegan Buschor

A woman placing a plant in a vase in front of a wooden bench and a DIY wall made of book sheets placed all over the wall around a large framed poster.

📷 Ashley

Unique Wall Decor

You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention and create a positive experience when they first walk through your door. Unique wall decor that is immediately interesting and appealing to the eye will definitely set your entryway apart from others. Consider the simple installation of decorative wallpaper, house painting ideas such as fun patterns, and a DIY wall design that will get everyone talking! The best part of decorating an entryway with unique wall decor is that it is typically only one wall or a smaller section at the front of your home, which gives you the opportunity to break all the rules and go all out. You can be as creative as you want without committing to decorating an entire four-walled room in your home as bold or busy as your entryway decor.

A simple grand entryway with high white ceilings and a large black and white checkerboard floor that leads you into the home.

📷 Cara & Tom Fox

A small narrow entryway with a black door, white walls, and black, gold, and white patterned flooring.

📷 Shirley Meisels

Patterned Flooring

Unique wall decor is not the only option to make a decorative impact in your entryway design. If your flooring is looking a little lackluster, trade traditional hardwood floor or tiles for unpredictable patterned flooring. Whether you want your floor to pop against your simple walls or work well with your wall decor, patterned flooring sets up a fun experience for anyone walking through the door as it leads them into your home. If you are working with a budget and want to cover up your old flooring without replacing them, there are many self-adhesive vinyl tile styles that offer a more affordable option for your makeover. This is a great entryway idea for small spaces or small apartments because it is temporary and can bring a lot of design without bringing in a bunch of decorative pieces you lack the space for.

A long simple entryway with three large gold ceiling lighting fixtures, a wooden bench, and charcoal gray tile all down the hallway.

📷 Mollie

An entryway with high ceilings, a console table with a lamp and decorative accessories, and a large gold lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling.

📷 Kathy Kuo

Cool Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is everything, especially when you have a longer entryway leading into the first room of your home. Cool lighting fixtures are essential entryway decor because they are the first thing to light up the front of your home and affect the mood it delivers.

A long entryway design with a teal front door and stairs, a runner rug in the center of the long entryway, and a black bench with decorative pillows.

📷 Designed by Cortney Bishop, Photographed by Katie Charlotte

A desert interior design entryway with a console table, gold lamp, a small runner rug, and large house plants.

📷 Chelci

Runner Rugs

Area rugs bring a space together, but are best for larger spaces like rooms. Nothing draws people in like a runner does in your entryway. Runner rugs are long and narrow and are typically used in hallways, stairs, and narrow spaces compared to area rugs. It is the best entryway idea for those who want to easily fill a long or small empty entryway and a bonus is that they visually lengthen the walls and make your entryway look bigger!

A small entryway area next to the stairs with a house plant and a small bench with decorative pillows and a white fringe blanket.

📷 Jenna Ratliff Designs

An entryway with a black and white DIY drip paint wall with two gold framed watercolor llamas above a black wooden bench with pillows and house plants.

📷 Chelci

A small entryway design with a paneled and striped wallpapered wall and a bench with rustic home decor, including a storage locker and baskets, around it.

📷 Jenny

Bench Seating

You cannot help but feel comforted and welcomed when there is seating in a space, especially when it is paired with some decorative pillows and throw blankets. Entryway ideas with benches are popular because not only are they inviting, but also functional. It gives you a spot to put on or take off your shoes or take a quick break while waiting for that last person to finish getting ready before you leave the house. Benches can also provide entryway storage either through a storage bench or decorative baskets under them.

A small beach house entryway design with a wooden hooks holding bags and a hat above a white storage cabinet with decorative home accessories.

📷 Bri Moysa

A entryway with light striped wallpaper, black hooks, a simple wreath, and framed photos.