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  • Lisa Bonanno

Master Bedroom Revamp

Hello friends!

Today, I’m excited because I finally get to reveal the master bedroom in our new house. If you’ve been following me on IG - you already know that we purchased a fixer-upper home in Florida and have finally moved in. This house has been a work in progress! Here’s a little reminder of how this room used to look before the renovation.

Before Renovations:

During Renovations:

In the Process of Moving In:

Before we moved to Florida, we sold our bed frame and were in need of a new one. I began researching beds and fell in love with Castlery furniture. Castlery is a modern furniture company that creates a story for every room in your home. They craft furniture that is timeless, using the highest quality raw materials to create pieces that are built for longevity and multi-purpose use. As it is a direct-to-consumer brand without middlemen, they are able to extend honest pricing and affordability to their customers.

I decided on the Hudson bed frame because it will tie in the modern style of this home with clean lines and wood tones. I love it!

NOTE: Castlery offers flat rate shipping and free shipping for shipments above $999. They also offer a 14-day return policy and warranty coverage. Isn’t this great?!

Setting the Bed Up:

The bed frame came in 3 large boxes. We placed the pieces out on the floor before putting them together which helps you to know what piece goes where.

I’m really impressed with how solid this Hudson bed is! So sturdy and durable. The instructions were clear and concise and took my husband and me about an hour to set up. (Note: you will need two people to set up this bed because it is heavy.)

The fabric upholstered headboard and the brass legs are beautiful design features!

You can even order free fabric swatches from Castlery! They have great ones to choose from!

Here’s a view of my Hudson Bed prior to styling the entire room. I love how the walnut stain gives this bed a sophisticated, mid-century modern look!

This Castlery bed stands alone in beauty - even with simple styling!

Oh, but look how pretty it is styled for Christmas. I’m in LOVE!

Master Bedroom Styled for Christmas!

A sitting area placed next to my new bed adds a great spot for reading!

I love this view of the bed looking into the master bathroom.

A view of our master bedroom looking toward the backyard.

I placed my Christmas tree in a planter to give it height and also added greenery throughout the room.

This Hudson Bed is definitely the focal point of our new bedroom. Here are a few things that I’ve been pleasantly surprised with in regards to this bed:

  1. The quality of the piece: very solid (unlike other bed frames we’ve purchased elsewhere).

  2. The style of this bed frame. So chic and modern!

  3. The price! For the quality and style that this bedframe offers…the price point is fabulous!

I hope you check out Castlery if you’re looking for beautiful furniture! Their mission is that there is value in taking the time to curate your home with intention, and they want to help you create spaces that make you feel good, building intimate connections between you and your space and the people you bring into it. The brand believes in creating homes that can do everything, with dining tables that operate as headquarters, beds that moonlight as pirate ships, and couches that double as front row seats.

Friends, I’m hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! I’ll just be over sipping hot chocolate and relaxing in our new bedroom!


This article was written by Lisa from Cottage Style

Meet The Author

This is Lisa. She enjoys seeing transformations- in people (first and foremost) and in things that are discarded (like furniture and homes). Her passion is seeing the forgotten and neglected come to life!

She hopes to inspire you with what she's learned (and is continuing to learn) about decorating as she highlights the projects in her home and Airbnb properties.

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