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  • Igor Josifovic-Kemper

November Days at Home

November is upon us and I am always a bit anxious when wintertime kicks in here in the northern hemisphere. With our clocks turned back by one hour, the night falls early here. But on the other hand, this is also the time to get even cozier at home, light some extra candles, play with the various lamps in the home, make tea, maybe even bake some cake.

I snapped a few pictures of my Berlin apartment these days – not only to share them here but also to get a kind of feeling from the pictures: how does the home feel like right now? It is kind of an external viewpoint even though I took them myself with my camera. But sometimes the lens of the camera serves as a sort of filter and externalizer that gives you another perspective.

Even though November has merely started, I kinda look at these pictures with gratitude and happiness for this ongoing month. Just a few days ago we celebrated the belated birthday of my husband who came over from afar to spend some time here in our home. We invited dear friends, transformed our living room into a welcoming space for more than ten guests with loads of delicious Brazilian food, good drinks, and flowers. I ordered two flower bouquets extra for the occasion.

In a way, two pictures here symbolize perfectly those two happy moments this month: my husband’s bag leisurely placed on the Carl Hansen chair upon his arrival and the birthday cake with peanut butter and chocolate. Here’s to more happy months like this one!

This article was written by Igor from Happy Interior Blog.

Meet The Author

With a strong passion for interior design, home décor, travel, and plants, Igor wanted to share happiness with readers here in a digital home, the Happy Interior Blog. This blog focuses on interior design and decoration ideas for happy homes, it showcases the beauty of our world and the inspiration brought back home through travels, and it highlights to beauty and beneficial power of houseplants.

Happy Interior Blog is an international blog about interior design, styling, decoration, travels, and plants that has gained high appraisal and was awarded ‘Best International Blog’ in 2014. And the mission remains the same: Happy Interior Blog is the place to share happiness through interiors, travels, and plants. Welcome aboard!

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