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Small Patio Decorating Ideas and Inspiration

When it comes to home decorating, the outside matters just as much as what is on the inside! Small patios may give you less room to work with, but smaller spaces provide opportunities for more intimate gatherings and cause less damage on your wallet to furnish and decorate. Transform your outdoor patio into a comfortable space you love just as much as any other room in your house with our small patio decorating ideas and inspiration!

(Design by @jedynytakidomek)

Hang curtains

Have neighbors who live a little too close or hosting a gathering and want to keep the bugs out? Curtains are the perfect solution for those looking for small patio decorating ideas on a budget. They are a great inexpensive option to create walls and division between spaces while also adding a decorative element to your patio space. Curtains are appealing because they are easily adjustable, whether you want to keep them closed for privacy and to block out the sun or wind or keep them open to enjoy the view.

Girl in a dress is putting up lantern lights in her dark outdoor home decor patio design

(Design by @mydarkhome_)

Cute and cozy patio design with hanging egg shaped chair, gray bench cushion seating, decorative pillows, and hanging lantern and string lights

(Design by @agi_at_59)

Get creative with lighting

Adding lights is one of the easiest ways to decorate a small patio because it typically does not take up a significant amount of crucial space because it is hung from the ceiling or around other things instead of taking up the main center floor space. You can get creative with your lighting design by using different types, from rattan pendant lights to string lights, to create a more unique and cozy look. Good lighting is an essential small outdoor patio idea as it draws your eye vertically, which is important in a small space because it makes your patio appear taller and larger. Beautiful lighting shines an inviting glow on the conversation area and creates a relaxing space to enjoy your patio after the sun goes down.

Raised patio deck with gray couch and decorative pillows, a hanging plant wall, and a peach door

(Photo by @ispydiy)

Choose and arrange furniture with purpose

Before you decide on furniture for your small outdoor patio ideas, consider the size of your patio and whether or not the furniture will complete the space or cramp the space. Larger furniture pieces can easily overstuff your small patio and leave you with less space to relax. Furniture pieces without arms are less defining and create a better flow for people to move around. Benches are an excellent option for those looking for small patio ideas on a budget because they are cheaper furnishing options, affordable DIY projects, and can be used along one side or more of your patio to save space and create additional seating.

Simple home decor in a patio with natural wood and white seating and two ottomans used as a table

(Design by @designlovesdetail)

Multifunctional furniture is a great space-saving small outdoor patio idea. Ottomans can function as extra seating, storage, or a foot rest or side table. Floor pillows are easily transferable to any area that needs extra seating, are painless to store and put away, and also be used as extra cushioning for your furniture pieces. A small patio that lacks room for an outdoor kitchen does not have to stop you from being the best host. A bar cart can be just as useful as an outdoor kitchen to hold your drinks, appetizers, utensils, and more! Additionally, it takes little effort to roll indoors and outdoors whenever you need a refill on your cart display. With the multitude of furnishings that can be included in a patio, it is important to not interrupt the flow of the space by allowing enough room for people to comfortably move around and not blocking the entrance or exit areas of your patio space.

Colorful home decor in backyard patio with black accent wall, colorful decorative pillows, patterned tiles, and house plants

(Design by @dabito)

Add plants

Plants make amazing decor because they bring color into a space and a positive energy and mood to people around them. Working with a small space requires research and thought about which plants will add value to your space rather than take up valuable areas of your space. You want to choose plants that will add color, texture, and height to your small patio without being bulky and disruptive. Plants that have strong aromas may be overwhelming for people, so it is best to go for a more subtle choice.

When decorating your small outdoor patio, less is more. These simple outdoor design tips and ideas will help you design a patio that works best with your space. Our free DecorMatters app is a great first step to visualize different space-saving ideas before you shop for any furnishings for your patio design!

An image of a small patio in the backyard with furniture at night lit up with string lights behind text that reads Spruce Up Your Patio, Design Now.

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