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Sustainable Living on a Budget: Bedroom Design

That space where you spend a third of your life – the bedroom – be honest, is it full of clutter and clothes all over the floor right now? Just know that an aesthetic, eco-friendly, and fully functional bedroom is not out of reach. In no time at all, you could be sleeping in a room that allows you to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduces your carbon footprint.

📷 Jellina Detmar

This small-scale solution for the environment can improve your personal physical and mental wellbeing too. It’s time to work out a budget and prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and your health. Let’s change it up.

Sleep Soundly With a Sustainable Bed

Make your bed the focal point of your bedroom with wooden palettes. You may be thinking we’ve lost it. Yes, you’ll see them in warehouses and delivery firms, but they can also be recycled, repurposed, and are known for their versatility and affordability. If you’re looking for the earthy, raw material-based look for a natural home, or you adore the clean minimalist lines of a modern look, these could be perfect for you – especially with a natural or rustic stain finish.

You could also buy a second-hand bed frame from Etsy or look at AmeriSleep. They offer high-performance, sustainable beds with minimalist frames and authentic pine wood too.

📷 Carlottbru

Do you know that feeling of getting into clean sheets after shaving your legs? To mimic this silky-smooth ride into Dreamland, choose linens, sheets, and duvets with natural fibers that are preferably organic. You could try out Coyuchi’s certified organic cotton bedding or Anchal Project’s hand-stitched naturally-dyed blankets and throws. Eco-friendly fibers, like bamboo or hemp, may cost more than synthetic products, but they will last longer and are a great investment for improved skin and a better sleep cycle.

Finally, you don’t want a Princess and the Pea kind of night’s sleep. Some mattresses contain harmful chemicals, including toxic adhesives and petroleum-based foams, which can pollute the environment, irritate the skin, and release toxins. Opt for eco-friendly mattresses made of wool, cotton, bamboo, or plant-based memory foam.

Timeless, Eco-friendly Furniture

Start your healthy habits with your furniture – buy smaller shelves. Large shelves and big closets make you want to purchase needless things to fill them up. Instead, opt for smaller ones made of recycled paper wood and non-toxic materials.

📷 Abhishek Dekate

If you’ve just moved house or you fancy a renovation, head to thrift stores or flea markets to grab stunning vintage, handcrafted items for a fraction of the price of new bedroom furnishings and decorations. Also, you can quickly revamp existing furniture or wardrobes by using non-toxic, bright-colored paint. When doing that, make sure to buy paint with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Easy Decorating and Detailing

Smaller details can really make a difference. Decide on the overarching theme of your bedroom, and then enhance and complement your interior design with these sustainable top tips in mind:

  • Utilize worn-out clothing and items. Turn shirts into new cushion covers and donate blankets to shelters.

  • Decorate with houseplants. Buy some easy hanging planters or upgrade a variety of containers, bowls, or coffee pots.

  • DIY photo frames. Make sure to use FSC certified woods and non-toxic stains. Check out this blog to see a myriad of ideas!

  • Eco-friendly light bulbs. Use LED or incandescent light and avoid compact fluorescent lighting.

  • Soy candles. They won’t emit harmful toxins and will last longer, which saves you from buying candles more often.

📷 Wonen.bij.iris

Whatever size bedroom you have and whatever your budget, unique, handcrafted, and sustainable items will always bless the entire bedroom with a distinctive style and character. After 2020, more people are looking for new ways to take care of their well-being on a long-term basis. And to reach optimal health, we need lots of sleep – a comfortable, eco-friendly mattress and sustainable bedroom design may just help you achieve that.

With Earth Day approaching, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. For more tips on sustainable interior design, check out our blog.

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