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  • Leslie Sinclair

The Best Color Palettes for 2021 Fall Trends

Hi Friends! Autumn is the telltale sign that the holidays season of being with family and friends is fast approaching. With temperatures cooling down, we reach for experiences that bring us closer together such as sitting around a fire pit or gathering around the dining table.

Using colors of fall in fashion, tabletops, and home interiors resonate with feelings of warmth and togetherness. Bringing the inside in, Segreto is on board with its fall palette, with rich tones that look beautiful all year round!

Today’s featured fall colors have been trending for some time and as you can see, mixing the deep tones with values on the lighter side of the spectrum will create a beautiful and interesting palette.

Bring the Outside In

On-trend this season is anything that brings the outside in. And this hand-painted mural in our client's dining room does just that!

Use Rich Earthy Tones

No place is too small for a great transformation! This laundry room doubles as the back entrance and feels so utilitarian. Creating a dramatic effect in small spaces can impact and transform any room.

We selected our Segreto Paint in Augusta for the walls, ceiling, and trim at full strength and a 25% lighter version for the cabinetry. Mixing a rich warm color, natural fibers, and reclaimed woods in this laundry room transformed this space. Greens make you feel optimistic and refreshed, so a perfect tone for a welcoming back entrance!

Not many tones embody earth like the rich tones of terracotta, given its name which in Italian translation is “baked earth.” Our artisan said he felt like he was carving these fluted panels from the earth.

Because it is formed from common clay and iron oxide which is found in most places around the world, terracotta seeped in history across every generation. It mixes well with whites, blues teals, and greens. Look to the Segreto Palette Santa Fe to give this richness to your interior spaces.

Bring a natural organic feel into your home in tones of camels, coppers, and browns as they lend a sense of stability and support. This lime-based plaster we applied to the surfaces of this shower gives a grounded and down-to-earth start to your day.

Use White to Contemporize

Bright white backgrounds, large-scaled patterns, or elements of texture will give a contemporary vibe to these earthy hues.

Designer Ashley Goforth had us create an ombre effect with a vogue-worthy green!

This is a great balance of contrast. Both rooms have plastered walls and ceilings and trim painted to match in colors chosen from the Segreto Palette. The moodiness of Celestial Blue is a dramatic backdrop off of the softens of Moonbeam. Our colors have a hint of umber which subliminally tones brightness allowing for strong contrast as well as the layering of vibrant art, fabrics, and accessories.

Bring in Natural Woods and Textures

Designer Eleanor Cummings masterfully combines natural elements and textures in designing this home office/study. One of our stable finishes for her is our ability to leave the natural wood feel after it has been sealed, a process that typically brings out the wood’s orange or yellow undertones.

Natural elements also work well in formal spaces. Floor Designs of Houston installed reclaimed wood to this ceiling which we embellished with a worn hand-painted design. Framing an elaborate crystal chandelier this feels like an inviting space you would want to dine in daily!

Autumn tones bring beauty and a classic feel to so many of our finishes. As leaves drop and blanket the ground, we are reminded to let things go and embrace new habits which will make our lives richer and more fulfilled. So let’s gather around with family and friends have some pumpkin-infused treats, and let the grateful attitude of this season embrace us! Till next time!


This article was written by Leslie Sinclair from Segreto Finishes.

Meet The Author

Leslie left her corporate job in 1995 to start Segreto Finishes, naming the company after her husband’s family. Segreto, which means secret in Italian, rolls up all of Leslie’s passions — architecture, interior design, art, people, and business– into her idea of the perfect job.

Leslie’s talent for color, bringing innovative products to the marketplace, hiring and training quality staff, and working with people on their individual needs, built Segreto’s reputation.

Check out her Blog, Instagram & Pinterest!

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