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The Life-Changing Bedding You Need to Complete Your Room Design

It's true, this bedding is completely life-changing. We have been recently introduced to a sustainable bedding brand, Ettitude, that has created revolutionary bamboo and charcoal lyocell bedding.

Right off the bat these sheets are incredibly soft and feel so light and breathable. There’s nothing better than lying down onto a cool pillow and this bedding provides this feeling 24/7. Not only is this bedding super comfortable, but they are also completely organic, vegan-friendly, and hypoallergenic (learn more here). After sleeping with these amazing sheets and realizing our previous sheet mistakes with cotton, trust me, we are never going back.

Aside from Ettitude itself, the key thing to remember when designing your room is that you want your bedroom to be the sanctuary of cozy and relaxing, your bed tends to be the first thing people see as they walk in the room. This is the thing we love most about Ettitude’s bedding, it looks and feels so luxurious while still being affordable, so as soon as you walk into the bedroom their bedding makes you want to cozy up into the incredibly silky feeling sheets that didn’t break the bank. But besides the level of comfort, you want to make sure your bedding fits the design tone, with Ettitude they offer so many color options to fit with any color scheme from anywhere from a clean white to beautiful pastels.

Ettitude’s environmentally friendly bedding is especially great for those with sensitive, acne, or eczema prone skin. Along with this their bedding will help with frizz control and anti-aging, so we can avoid wrinkles and bedhead every day! Lastly, their bamboo charcoal bedding line is odor fighting, bacteria controlling, and stay fresh longer than the typical sheet set, can it get any better?

Shop Ettitude here and look for their bedding in our app to use within your designs!

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