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  • Lisa Bonanno

The Simple Art of Rearranging

Hello friends, I hope and pray that you are all healthy and well. This is such a strange time for our communities, our nation, and our world, we’ve never experienced anything like it before.

Let’s admit it… we’ve all been affected by the coronavirus in one way or another. Many of you are homeschooling your kiddos (way to go, mom’s!) and having to explain issues to them that you’ve not had to deal with before. Some of you may have had to cancel or postpone events or maybe you have had to proceed with just a few people meeting (ex: funerals or weddings). Some of you have been laid off and some of you own small businesses and are feeling the effects of this on your business. And, some of you may have possibly lost a loved one to COVID-19. My heart goes out to all of you - no matter what you’re facing.

So, I’m thinking… ”How can I encourage my friends today… especially those of you who are feeling a bit cooped up and need a change?”

One key thing I can encourage you to do while you’re home is to practice the “art of rearranging”.

My mom taught me this as she just loved to rearrange furniture and accessories in our home. She always said, “instead of going out to buy something… just rearrange!” I took this value from her and have tried to practice this - especially when I’m feeling the desire to change things around.

With that being said, here are 5 simple things you can rearrange in your home - without having to spend money or lots of time doing them. In fact, many of these you can probably do while your little ones are reading or napping or maybe they can even help you out!

1. Rearrange a Mantle

2. Rearrange Furniture

3. Rearrange Rugs

4. Rearrange a Coffee Table

5. Rearrange Pillows/Blankets

Here are a few ideas that were taken from my living room.

Rearrange a Mantle

IDEA #1: Place Mirrors on your mantle and flank the sides with faux greenery. Add a garland.

IDEA #2: Place a large picture in the middle of your mantle (or use your TV) and place greenery on the sides. Use books to give different heights to your accessories.

Rearrange Furniture

IDEA #1: Move a few furniture pieces around. Try angling your sofa and chairs (if you have the space to do this as this). Also, bring your furniture away from the walls if your space is really big. This helps to make space feel cozier.

IDEA #2: Place sofa and chairs facing each other in a linear pattern. Place end tables on the sides to hold coffee/tea/books.

Rearrange Rugs

Rugs bring an instant change to any space. My favorite rug size is 5’ x 7’ because it’s not too big and this size is more affordable than larger rugs as well. I love layering this size over my 8’ x 10’ jute rug as shown.

Here are a few more ideas… the same space… different rugs!

IDEA #1: Multi-colored rug from Boutique Rugs which is perfect for Spring. (Use Code: lisa55 or 55% off of your order!)

IDEA #2: This Indie-inspired rug is from Pier 1. I love the color and pattern.

IDEA #3: This rug (Upham) is also from Boutique Rugs and changes the look of the room! (Use lisa55 for 55% off of your order!)

IDEA #4: I simply placed a smaller rug (4’ x 6’) underneath my coffee table in this picture. I love how the black brings out the black in the picture frame.

IDEA #5: This fun rug is from TJ Maxx and is perfect for spring/summer. I love the color and pattern!

Rearrange a Coffee Table

IDEA #1: Place a single plant in a basket and make this the focal point of your coffee table decor. This cotton rope basket is from Organihaus.

IDEA #2: Try adding to this by stacking a candle on books.

IDEA #3: Place flowers in a vase and a candle to the side along with books. This whitewashed dough bowl candle is from Crave Candle Company.

IDEA #4: Place colorful blooms on your table and add a placemat underneath something to bring in texture and color.

Rearrange Pillows/Blankets

This is a super easy peasy way to change up the look of a room. It also adds extra texture and adds a cozy/casual feel to any room.

I hope that this post helps you as you’re staying home and looking at the spaces you live in. As my sweet mother said, “instead of going out to buy somethings…just rearrange!” I’m wondering that if we all begin to practice this “art of rearranging” that we’ll find that we are more content with what we have. I hope so!

I have a feeling we’ll all look back at this time in our life and think those were the days when we learned the importance of communicating better with one another, playing games with our kids, listening and laughing together at the dinner table, and enjoying the simplicity of a quiet night at home.

Sending you hugs from afar - Lisa

This article was written by Lisa Bonanno at Cottage Style.

Meet the Author

Lisa loves mixing boho, vintage, and modern together in their home and three Airbnbs! She hopes to inspire as she shares simple ways to create warm spaces filled with modern cottage charm.

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